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Last Updated: Sep 20, 2012 08:56PM EEST

Below please find a detailed description of the process we follow to always keep your Drupal* website up to date.


Right after you subscribe to the service, we create a dedicated workspace for you, on our project management and collaboration platform dubbed “Mavenlink” and invite you there. This will be the reference point for all the centralized communication between our and your end.

We ask you to provide us full access to your Drupal website including:

  • Administration access to your Drupal site,
  • FTP access to your hosting account,
  • Access to the control panel of your hosting account.

Update process

Periodically, we check your website for any available update. When new updates for the core or any installed module(s) are available, we start the update process:

  1. We take a full backup of your website and create a safe restore point.
  2. We put your website in maintenance mode and update all the module(s).
  3. We test the website.
  4. We update the Drupal core
  5. We test the website (yes, again).
  6. We put the website back live by switching off the “maintenance mode”

Post process

We post to the corresponding workspace a report detailing the specifics of the updated core and module(s).

In case where any malfunctions are identified after the steps (2) and/or (4), we rollback the website and provide you a detailed report. We also provide you guidance regarding the available options and next steps.

Please note: We do not provide code fixes or module patches or Drupal patches in order to make an update to work properly. We also do not provide any custom code over the existing website in order to workaround a failed update process. If the update process is not available for any of the following reasons we inform you and provide you guidance:

  • A module does not have a recent version that is compatible with the latest core
  • A module can not be updated because of the specific content schema of your website
  • Any other issues that are related to custom implementations on your website that break compatibility between modules or between modules the Drupal core etc.

Shortly, please note that the Service

  • does not include new implementations on your website,
  • does not include new configurations on your website,
  • does not include new customizations on your website,
  • can be cancelled any time you wish,
  • has no hidden charges.

Please note: in the case of all the issues above, there may still be a solution, nevertheless it definitely entails custom development specifically for your website, which is beyond the scope of this standardized service. Please contact us at [email protected].

*Covers the 7.x generation of Drupal core and Drupal modules

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