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How to manually install and configure Superfish menus

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2013 02:49PM EET

In this article will guide you through installing and configuring Superfish menus for our premium theme “Chique”. Take note that this guide does not apply for the case that you have installed Chique using our installation profile since Superfish menus will already be enabled.

Installation of the required files

Using a temporary installation of Chique copy the following folders in the corresponding folders of your installation.

  • sites/all/libraries
  • sites/all/modules/superfish
  • sites/all/modules/libraries

The result of this step will have to look like this:


Module activation and configuration

Go to Home » Administration » Modules and enable the Libraries and Superfish modules

Apply the following configuration for the Superfish module

you will need one block for every menu you want to make use of the Superfish module, so adjust the “Number of blocks” drop-down accordingly.

Menu block basic configuration

Superfish menus make use of Drupal’s block system. With that said just go to Home » Administration » Structure  » Blocks. The Superfish module should have created several blocks (according to your setting) named Superfish 1, Superfish 2 etc.

We will guide you through configuring the Superfish 1 block

which is automatically set up to make use of the “Main menu” menu.

In the “SUPERFISH SETTING” fieldset commit the following settings


Menu item descriptions configuration

If you would like to implement Menu item descriptions for your menu, as seen in the Chique demo

you should enable the “Include hyperlinks description (title) in hyperlinks text.” option under the “ADVANCED HTML SETTINGS” fieldset.

If not, you should adjust your css to reduce the #navigation .block-superfish ul.main-menu ul top-margin. Specifically you should change line 329 of style.css


#navigation .block-superfish ul.main-menu ul { background:#421010; margin:35px 0 0 0; padding:0; }


#navigation .block-superfish ul.main-menu ul { background:#421010; margin:23px 0 0 0; padding:0; }

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