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Drupal Commerce: Installation on an existing site

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2014 04:54PM EEST
Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes based on Drupal.

The Pro and Enterprise releases of our Startup Growth, Mobile+, GenteelBest Brand, MarketSquare, Genteel and Top Hit products come bundled with Drupal Commerce providing you a turnkey e-commerce solution right after installation.

Installing dependent modules

If you are installing Drupal Commerce on an existing Drupal site, you first need to install the following modules:


Views (Views + Views UI)

Address Field

Entity (Entity API + Entity tokens)

Rules (Rules + Rules UI) 

Installing Drupal Commerce modules

Drupal Commerce

When turning on the sub-modules of Drupal Commerce, you will notice that some modules are dependent on other modules. You may wish to turn them on one at a time so as to pinpoint any error messages. This is the order to satisfy dependencies:
  • Commerce and Commerce UI
  • Customer and Customer UI
  • Price
  • Line Item and Line Item UI
  • Order and Order UI
  • Checkout, Payment, Payment UI, Product and Product Reference
  • Cart, Product Pricing and Product Pricing UI
  • Product UI
  • Tax and Tax UI

Installing extra Drupal Commerce modules

Commerce Shipping

Commerce Stock

Commerce PayPal 

Commerce Cash on Delivery

Enable all the above modules via drush

drush en ctools
drush en views views_ui

drush en addressfield
drush en entity entity_token
drush en rules rules_admin

drush en commerce commerce_ui
drush en commerce_customer commerce_customer_ui
drush en commerce_price
drush en commerce_line_item commerce_line_item_ui
drush en commerce_order commerce_order_ui
drush en commerce_checkout commerce_payment commerce_payment_ui 
drush en commerce_product commerce_product_reference
drush en commerce_cart commerce_product_pricing commerce_product_pricing_ui
drush en commerce_product_ui
drush en commerce_tax commerce_tax_ui

drush en commerce_shipping commerce_shipping_ui

drush en commerce_stock

drush en commerce_paypal commerce_paypal_wps commerce_paypal_wpp

drush en commerce_cod

In case this article leaves any of your questions or concerns unanswered, please feel welcome to email us or post a public question.

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